The start of something good

For most of us, January 1 marks the start of a new year. For others, it's back to school in late August-early September. But for Jews the world over, it’s now—the High Holy Days when the new year begins with the change of the seasons.

But you don’t have to be Jewish (as the old Levy’s rye bread ads used to say) to appreciate the absolute gift this holiday gives us. First of all, it really is a celebration. Rosh Hashanah marks the birth of the universe. The biggest of all effervescent, big bangs. Yom Kippur for all its solemnity gives us all a fresh start—vacating old promises and obligations and making new, more intentional vows to ourselves and others. (And, if you believe in it, to a deity.)

We’re now midway between the two holidays. And while I’m not an especially observant person, I’m enjoying the sense of renewal and re-invention. The liberation that comes from forgiveness and gratitude. A feeling I hope you can share—whatever your religious practice.

So I wish you a sweet year and a healthy one. And hope you find ways to becoming your best, most inspired { self }.

If you were making resolutions of the new year, what would they be? Tell us in the comments below.