And the winner is...

Last night’s Oscars reminded me not so much of an awards show but as a remake of the 2017 Women’s March—albeit with more glamour and over-the-top styling. It was as though everyone was channeling Michele Obama’s “when they go low, we go high.”

And they did. They soared. (OK, I admit, I’m a sucker for award shows.)

While there were pointed comments, it was not an anti-Trump fest (although VPOTUS received a not-so-honorable mention) or an anti-Weinstein diatribe (although it could have been). It was, instead, a celebration of inclusivity, grace and dignity.

And this being Hollywood, it was a celebration of dreams--and Dreamers--whether they were above- or below-the-line artists determined to shape and tell their stories or immigrants fighting for their right to pursue a better life.

We all have dreams. We all have things we want to do but don’t always know how to make them real. Here are three steps to take if you’re feeling stuck:

1. Start small. Take one small step or make one small change to bring your dream into focus. One success breeds another and keeps you motivated to get through the challenging times.

2. Have a Plan B. Keep your eye on the prize and get ready to pivot if the path you’re on seems to be a dead end.

3.  Hold yourself accountable. Set a deadline, tell a friend, be public about this dream. You never know who can provide just the right insights that will bring you closer to your goal. A deadline keeps you and your energies focused.

Whatever you dream, you owe it to your { self } and the world to bring it to life in the full light of day.

What are your dreams? Please share in the comments below