The talking cure

How well do you know your body? Really? Sure, you’re well acquainted with the mirror or phone camera lens version but if you dare to really look at yourself, what do you see?

Most of us see nothing but flaws. Something that we need to “fix” with a new, more rigorous diet or exercise program, a make-over or even aesthetic surgery. We’re never satisfied, never happy. We rarely relax the eternal vigilance that is the price of meeting (mostly someone else’s) standards of beauty. And if we do, we punish ourselves with shame and regret.

Please stop. Just. Please. Stop. This is not living the life you want or deserve.

Rather than reflexively finding fault, why not try looking at yourself with love? (I know…crazy, right?) To appreciate the unique and lovely characteristics that make you, you. To take pleasure in your strengths and find self-affirming ways to make sustainable, positive change.

Conditional love is not love. It’s denial by another name. When we engage in a deeper conversation with our bodies and listen to what they are telling us, then we can finally see, love and heal our {selves }.