Never underestimate the power of a woman in pink

Back in the day, when I was a feminist in training, there was a book called “Sisterhood is Powerful.”  

It was a radical piece of work for its time and long after “leaning in,” diversity committees and “I’m with her” had their day, its calls to action found new life on the National Mall yesterday and in cities around the world as millions of women (and some men and many children) marched in solidarity—and in pink hats—for equal rights, civil liberties, environmental protection, access to health care and reproductive choice.

There was also that little matter of the tweeter-in-chief now living in the White House and the dystopian program that he and his Congressional allies hope (threaten?) to put in place.

Despite years of advocacy work, I had never participated in a march before—even for causes I really cared about. And to be honest, I wondered what the event could accomplish. Would the new administration pay attention? Would Congress? Definitely not and probably no. But in light of how we all felt after the election, the mood of the day was so buoyant and the feeling, so warm and supportive, it felt like aloe on a burn. It was empowering, energizing and exhilarating.

Postscript: This is what democracy feels like the day after: sore feet from marching and a sore throat from chanting. I hope all of us who participated and all who cheered us on can find a way to translate our passion from clicks into action for causes we believe in. Sisterhood is powerful and it starts with believing in our { selves }.