Hustle and grow

Something magical happens when you get a group of women together in a room. Differences fade, creativity flows and bonds develop. Just. Like. That.

On Saturday, I took part in a business mastermind sensitively facilitated by Michelle Talbert, business coach, mentor and creator of the HerPowerHustle podcast. There were five of us, mostly coaches (corporate, life and health), at various stages of professional development, looking for insights and strategies to grow.

We each started with five-minute uninterrupted intros, followed by 20 minutes of lively brainstorming that was as therapeutic as it was instructional. When you work alone as most of us do, just hearing yourself think aloud and explore “what ifs” in a safe, supportive environment can be so helpful. And best of all, I got some ideas I can put into place today so watch this space.

Lessons learned: find your tribe, listen with your heart and have the courage to change your mind. It's the surest path to your most successful { self }.