My bags are packed. The pet sitter is booked (and there’s enough food to feed a shelter’s worth of dogs and cats for a month). Clients have been advised and the holiday email is ready to go. Got my hair done, my nails done, some cool clothes and beach reads.

Have I forgotten anything?

Oh, yes…the guilt! I’m going on my first vacation in nine(!) years and already I’m worried. Is this right time to go? Don’t I have something better (i.e. serious, not self-indulging) to do with my time? Do I really deserve this fun?

 The fact is, we all deserve a break from the pressures and concerns of every day life. It’s like sleep. You need to refresh your body and your head. Even a day trip to a place you’ve never been can restore your perspective and open you up to new ways of thinking and doing.

As for me, the white sands and turquoise waters of Punta Cana beckon. Four days of doing nothing, thinking about nothing in particular and nurturing my soul for the days and weeks to come.

I can’t wait to discover my most relaxed and guilt-free { self  }.