Eat, think, love

Readers of One Girl blog know that our focus is not on what you eat, but why. The words “Drink two smoothies and call me in the morning” will never fall from our lips or laptop.

We’re all about helping you understand yourself better—your motivations, your emotions, your actions—so you can ditch those unhealthy habits that are making you unhappy and find a more fulfilling path to the table and beyond.

What we do say is this:

1. There is no one quite like you. You are unique. Your tastes, your preferences, your physical constitution, your biome. Give your mind and body the attention they deserve and learn what foods make you feel good (or not) and what motivates you to make the choices you do. Keep a food and mood diary to track your appetite (physical and emotional) and take note of the triggers that lead you astray. (A health coach can help you with this heavy lifting.)

2. Take a breath. Approach your next meal with gratitude, not greed. Be mindful of what you’re eating and savor every bite. As our friends at The Center for Mindful Eating say, “Healthy eating is enjoyable eating that meets your nutritional needs.” It’s that simple.

3. Get smart about food and nutrition. Don’t fall for the diet du jour. Read labels. Be skeptical about “magical thinking” around weight loss or health. Learn a little about how your body works so you can measure too-good-to-be true claims against evidence-based science.

4. Love who you are in this moment. Accept and respect who you are today, not sometime in the undetermined future when you are “thinner” or “fitter.” Give yourself the unconditional love that nourishes you and your dreams.

There’s no time like the present to appreciate your best { self }.