Six ways to transform your life before Labor Day

The summer sales are underway. And while we wait for the September Vogue to strut down the runway, there’s a change in the air. A sense of possibility and reinvention that could make our back-to-work, back-to-school return to reality a pleasure, not a chore.

Can you spell makeover? Here’s how to get your transformation started.

Wardrobe makeover. Take a good look at your clothes—the seen and unseen (like underwear). Try stuff on. Toss what’s old and un-repairable, donate what save-able but no longer right for you and organize the rest—by color or by use (work or weekend) or by type (skirts, shirts, shoes). Combine elements in new ways then photograph them for easy reference. What are your go-to garments and accessories? What are the holes that could be filled with this year’s must-haves? A closet cleanse is about more than clothes. It’s a zen way to organize your thoughts for the season ahead.

Make-up makeover. Re-think your look. Maybe it’s time for bangs or highlights. Or not. The point is to have a little fun and try something new. Change up your cosmetics too. (In-store make-up artists are your friends.) A fresh face can give you a fresh new outlook and boost your self-esteem.

Workout makeover. Seasonal change can be hard on the body and mind. Put yourself out there with new exercise programs that challenge your muscles and mental agility. You can do it solo, in classes or with a workout buddy and track your progress with wearable tech or an app. But the point is to, um, “just do it.”

Food makeover. Take advantage of the fall harvest and experiment with new recipes and healthy cooking methods. A little advance preparation can also go a long way to keeping you energized and immune to the cravings that up-end even the strongest willpower.

Sleep makeover. Power down those devices (and monkey mind) and support your sleep with a mindfulness or meditation practice. Without proper rest, you just can’t think straight and when your mind is muddled, your body is, too

Spiritual makeover. Enrich your life by committing to something bigger than you. Local nonprofits are always looking for smart and passionate volunteers so if you’re feeling stuck, this may be a good place to start. Or take a course, join a meet-up, adopt an animal. Anything to get yourself out of your head and into a more enlightened, fulfilled state of mind.

Fall is a great time to set a mid-course correction on the journey to your best { self }. What’s on your transformation agenda?