How to succeed in business

It’s not so easy earning green. Whether you’re just starting out in your first “real” job or returning to the workforce after a pause, here’s how to keep career fulfillment at the top of your job description. Start by asking yourself:

1. Who am I? You can't do anything without knowing who you are. Forget Myers-Briggs. Identify your North Star, your passion, your goals. What are your deal breakers? Look to your heart and get on speaking terms with your body, mind and spirit.

2. Why do I do this work? Did you fall into this job or profession? Or does it reflect an intentional choice? Is it intellectually stimulating or kind of a snooze and do you care? Where will it take you? And is it where you want to go?

3. Is my job aligned with my values? Sometimes you have no choice. Earning a living takes precedence over living your truth. Eventually, a conflict this basic becomes soul deadening and the stress can make you sick. How can you find the best balance?

4. How do I work? Are you a self-starter or do you need the discipline of a team? Can you work remotely? What kind of work vibe brings out--or stifles--your best? Ask questions of your own when interviewing and pay close attention to the answers, and your gut.

5. What does success look like? It's hard to plan your journey without an end point in mind. (That's where your North Star comes in.) What are you working towards and what steps do you need to get there? 

When it comes to work, it pays to put your { self } first. Onward and upward.