10 ways to work working out into your life (and like it)

For many of us, eating right and getting fit is a mantra that sounds better in theory than in practice. But you can get fit again--even if time or motivation seem like insurmountable barriers. Here's how:

1. Meet your body where it is. You can't jump from couch to champion overnight. Commit to making steady progress and challenging yourself as you go.

2. Put your doctor and a trainer on your team. Many MDs are writing "exercise scripts" for their patients and prescribing cardio, flexibility and strength training as part of the treatment plans. Make sure you're given the all clear by your physician, then work with a trainer to develop a routine that helps you meet your goals.

3. Watch the clock. Want to get fit? You need to set aside a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intense activity/week. Want to lose weight? You'll need to commit to 180 minutes of intense exercise. If time is tight, break it up into 10-minute increments (or less) to squeeze in 2 minutes of barre, 5 minutes of running, stretching or aerobics you can do at your desk. Check the apple or android app stores for workouts you can do anytime, anywhere.

4. Open your mouth and say "om." No, meditation won't make you fit although it can power down on inflammation and stress. But yoga and Pilates, with their emphasis on breathing, mindfulness and body awareness, can bring more flexibility and serenity to your life.

5. Try something new. Sad but true, muscles get complacent. Get out of your physical and mental comfort zones with hard-core programs like CrossFit, Solidcore or HIIT. Even if you can't tell your left foot from your right, the exhilaration of surviving these workouts will carry you through the day (and burn more calories too).

6. Stay focused. Don't compare yourself to others or feel intimidated by more experienced exercisers. Get up to the front of the class, concentrate on your own work and don't give up.

7. Adjust your attitude. Think of your workout as a pleasure, not an obligation. When you find an activity you enjoy, you're more likely to do it on a regular basis and make it an organic part of your life.

8. Put it on your calendar. If you consciously and consistently set aside time to exercise, you will do it. (And like it!)

9. Make Fitbit your friend. Track your steps, your food, your sleep. Wearable tech is the newest and most fun way to monitor your health and build on your success.

10. Treat your { self } right. Exercise is a natural mood-enhancer, immunity-protector and health-booster. It's one of the best outlets for self-care and self-cure. So strap on those sneakers and go!