Why a health coach can be your new best friend

Health apps are hot. I have several and they are all great in their way (when I remember to use them). They all keep me accountable to myself and my goals within reach, but even in our high-tech world, nothing beats the high-touch impact of a real live human coach.

What is a health coach and why do you need one?

1. A health coach is a “guide on the side,” who empowers you to “heal yourself by yourself.” A mentor, who supports you as you do the hard mental work to uncover the barriers standing in the way of your goals whatever they may be: weight loss, career change, greater fitness, emotional joy. A trainer, who helps you develop smarter habits of mind and body.

2. A health coach is an accountability partner. It’s very easy to make resolutions. A coach can help you keep them by reviewing your progress (or setbacks) with a regular schedule of conversations and finding solutions you can live with throughout the year.

3. A health coach can be the link between you and your doctor, nutritionist, trainers or other healers helping you understand the treatment plan (so you can follow it) and make healthful eating and exercise choices (so you can make them a natural part of your life).

4. A health coach can be a friend, a kick in the pants, a transformation agent—nurturing when you need it, encouraging when you falter, cheering your success. A good coach listens more than she speaks and provides a safe space where you can hear yourself think and uncover the solutions that are right for you.

Change is hard. Staying motivated can be even harder. With a health coach at your side, you never walk alone.