Making change

In the past year, I went back to school, graduated with a certificate in integrative nutrition, wrote and self-published a book (Fat Girl), launched One Girl Wellness, saw my son, “the millennial,” move out and on to a new chapter in his life all while keeping my advertising clients happy. You could say I thrive on change. (Or else have a really low threshold for boredom.)

So what did I do for an encore? I decided to re-do my house. Every room is getting updated, refreshed, re-purposed. For starters, I made one small change in my bedroom and suddenly got totally turned around. What’s that all about? How did my mental equilibrium get so upended by something so seemingly minor?

Turns out that making a change—big or small—takes us out of our comfort zones and away from familiar routines. And that causes stress. Things that we took for granted are suddenly not where we expect them to be and our emotional proprioception takes a hit. We feel insecure on our feet and in our heads when our reality takes on a different hue and dimension.

Whether it’s starting a job, ending a relationship or moving a chest from one wall to another, letting go of the past opens you up to embracing a new future, free from old expectations and reactions. It can be scary or liberating, depending on your point of view.

Complacency is the enemy of growth and nothing spurs growth like change. So take a deep breath and go for it.

Home improvement starts with you.